Citrus Season News: Southerners, Get Your White Grapefruit Now

White grapefruit fans, rejoice. White grapefruit are showing up in Texas grocery stores right now. While not everyone likes the tart-sweet taste of grapefruit, this citrus fruit is a powerhouse on the list of healthiest foods. And just at the time of year when we could all use a dose of sunshine and bright flavor, citrus season is in full gear.

While you may be more familiar with pink and red grapefruit, the white version of this fresh fruit is little harder to find. Grapefruit from Texas and California is red; if you want the white version, Florida is where most white grapefruit is grown.

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White grapefruit is thought to be less sweet than the pink and red varieties, but that's not entirely true. If it's picked in the right season (which is the height of citrus season everywhere it's grown), it can be sweet. The white variety also has a thinner skin, which means more juicy fruit inside.

You can use a white grapefruit the same way you would use a red grapefruit. Put them on salads, use them in marinades, stock them in your cocktail bar, and just simply peel and eat them. White grapefruit juice is another good way to get your grapefruit on.

What are the health benefits?

Known for its excellent health benefits, grapefruit is good for everything from weight loss to helping lower cholesterol. It's portable and low calorie, which makes it a great snack, and since grapefruit is 92 percent water, it's a great way to meet your hydration goal for the day.

If you're fighting off a cold, you want to grab a grapefruit. Packed with vitamin C, fresh grapefruit is a tasty way to boost your immune system.

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But keep an eye out for how grapefruit interacts with certain prescription medications. Grapefruits of all varieties contain furanocoumarin, a natural chemical which affects how your liver metabolizes medications like Claritin and Allegra. So check with your doctor before you mix citrus with your allergy pills.

Given its scarcity, you may not be able to find white grapefruit in every grocery store, so you may want to call and check before you head out. Premium stores like Whole Foods are more likely to have the fruit available, or you can order them online.

February is generally the end of peak grapefruit season, though, so if you want to try them, now is a good time to pick up some delicious white grapefruit.

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