Hit the Slopes with WhistlePig Limited Edition Skis

There's nothing like hitting the lodge after a whirl down the mountain and this year WhistlePig is making sure they've got you covered on the slopes and off. The creators of the famous Farmstock Rye and The Boss Hog Straight Rye Whiskey have joined forces with Parlor Skis to create a limited edition set of skis for the upcoming season. The bespoke skis are custom designed to include The Boss Hog V: The Spirit of Mauve logo - WhistlePig's latest and most profound marque. Sold exclusively at WhistlePig's Waterbury Tasting Room, Parlor will fit the skis to your specifications after purchase. The skis retail for $2,000 and come with a bottle of The Boss Hog V.

A brand that was created in a farm seems might seem like an odd fit for a brand that's all about brain buckets and black diamonds, but it's actually more natural a fit than you think. "WhistlePig and Parlor have a shared appreciation for craftsmanship and quality products which made this one-of-a-kind collaboration a natural fit," explains Ryan Hicks, Trade Marketing Director for WhistlePig.



"The inspiration for the collab ski is entrenched in the early days of the sport when whiskey barrels were broken down into staves and strapped to the feet for some downhill fun in the winter. What started as an idea last year to build some stave-inspired skis for the WhistlePig team evolved into a project so successful it was too special to keep internal. The staves used for the sidewall of this year's collab ski are from the actual barrel of The Boss Hog, Vth Edition, The Spirit Of Mauve, and the Parlor team has utilized their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail to create a high-end product that truly brings together the two brands in one beautiful package."

The project started when WhistlePig - looking to do something to honor the time when whiskey staves were used as makeshift snow sleds -  asked  Parlor to incorporate wood from WhistlePig's whiskey barrels into the sidewalls of the skis. The skis were meant to be only for the WhistlePig team to enjoy but you can't keep a good thing secret too long. So, the skis are going public. For the first run of only 25 pairs, Parlor created the skis with whiskey stave sidewalls that were actually used in the aging process of WhistlePig The Boss Hog. So, each pair comes with a bottle of The Boss Hog 5th Edition - a barrel-strength rye whiskey that spent 13 years aging in Calvados casks. The spirit was created in honor of one of the WhistlePig's actual apple-loving pigs who died of a broken heart.

"Boss Hog V: The Spirit of Mauve is a 13-Year straight Rye Whiskey aged in Vermont oak barrels and finished in Calvados Casks. The inspiration for Boss Hog V: The Spirit of Mauve is in celebration of one of WhistlePig's founding celebrity pigs, Mauve. Mauve died of heartache after her lover Mortimer was tragically killed defending her honor in 2014. In honor of her undying love of apples, the whiskey is finished in Calvados Casks. The bottle features a handcrafted Danforth pewter stopper in the shape of Mauve ascending to heaven and a casket-inspired gift box."

That pig and those barrels were pretty special, so you better expect the ride that the skis deliver to be just as special.

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