Whiskey River Soap is the Humorous Gift For Smelly Friends

Looking for a unique gift to give to your friends this holiday season? Why not a bath soap that matches their personality? No, we're not talking about whatever Black Friday deal you got on soap at the kiosk at the mall. Instead, you should consider bar soap from Whiskey River Soap Co. for a great gift that your friend might not have added to their wish list, but that they'll undoubtedly enjoy if they have any sense of humor.

Whiskey River Soap Company makes handmade soaps, candles, and bath bombs for everyone on your list. Just a few of their varieties include Soap for Hipsters, which apparently smells of coffee, bacon, and craft beer, and Soap for Cat People, which is "warm milk scented." We can't say we know exactly what warm milk is supposed to smell like as a bar of soap, but this particular kind also says it "smells like purring and a fresh hairball under your bare foot." LOL.

Don't forget, Whiskey River Soap Co. also has candles for sale. Some of their best sellers include "A Candle for the Middle Child" and "A Candle for Dog People," which apparently "smells like unconditional love." Aw.

While it looks like you can easily get many of Whiskey River Soap Co.'s products on Amazon, the website also has a handy link to help you find some of their goods at local retailers. (Though it appears they only list a handful of places that sell products outside of the United States.)

The pricing isn't bad either, in our opinion. Their soaps, including such whimsical varieties as "Soap for Social Anxiety" and "Soap for Friday Feels," start at $9.95. The candles seem to be $14.95 and up.

And honestly, can you really put a price on the look on your best friend's face when you hand them a "Soap for You're the Worst" this Christmas?

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