Whiskey Myers’ Haunting ‘Broken Window Serenade’

Stripped down, acoustic, and soul-shaking, Whiskey Myers’ “Broken Window Serenade” demands a second listen. And then a third. Then, before you know it, you are unconsciously humming the song to yourself on the edge of tears and you can’t figure out why you’re so damn sad.

Then you remember. Because of “Broken Window Serenade.” The song chronicles the fate of a woman through the eyes of a man who loves her but is destined to never have her. The narrator watches as his loves life slowly slips out of her control, spiraling from her loss of innocence, into depression, drug addiction, and eventually death.

At each step, the narrator tries to pull her back from the ledge she is walking, but he knows that he has nothing to offer her that will take her away from her pain and suffering. Eventually, he watches her coffin being lowered into the ground and he throws on a rose, the only way he can reach her anymore.

Whiskey Myers have released three albums, most recently Early Morning Shakes, which rose to number ten on the country charts. Their newest single is “Shelter from the Rain.” Whiskey Myers hails from Tyler, Texas and tours extensively throughout the south, especially Texas, with occasional forays into the north. Check them out in a town near you.

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Whiskey Myers’ Haunting ‘Broken Window Serenade’