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Whiskey Bullets Are Way Better Than Plain Old Ice

Ever since ice was available straight from the freezer people have been trying to figure out how to keep it from watering down their drinks. Sure, a nice sip of iced tea on a hot summer day is just fine.

But what about that valuable whiskey you have been saving for a special occasion? One or two ice cubes and you risk changing the flavor and consistency of that expensive bottle.

Enter the whiskey bullet. These stainless steel bullets chill in the freezer for at least four hours. Then you simply plunk them down into the glass and add your favorite liquid. The company, SipDark, recommends using one bullet per ounce of whiskey.

The weight of these whiskey bullets means they won’t float to the surface and they won’t water down your favorite beverage.

Do we even have to mention how cool they make a glass of whiskey look? For $24.99 a set, they give any drink a little more panache than the standard whiskey stone.

Even a gin and tonic will take on a more domineering aspect with one of these bad boys hunkered down in there. [Get them here]

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Whiskey Bullets Are Way Better Than Plain Old Ice