This Ad for Johnny Walker Whiskey is Surprisingly Moving

Liquor commercials don’t normally make you tear up. They’re more likely to inspire your next order at the bar.

But two German film students have made an emotionally rending unofficial commercial for Johnny Walker that will hit you in the feels. The video, which has accumulated over 2 million views in its first week online, has stunning cinematography and a heartfelt twist at the end.

In the video, two brothers wander around beautiful countryside by the sea, horsing around and laughing. They eventually find the frame of an abandoned farmhouse and pour some Johnny Walker Black. The commercial delivers its heart-wrenching twist in the final seconds as the two brothers approach a seaside cliff. You’ll be tempted to watch the entire commercial a second time just to get the full emotional effect.

They say you drink when you’re happy and you drink when you’re sad. These filmmakers definitely know how to use a melancholy event to sell some whiskey.

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This Ad for Johnny Walker Whiskey is Surprisingly Moving