Where is '1923' Filmed? The 'Yellowstone' Prequel's Filming Locations, From Malta to Montana

It was a trip around the world in this Taylor Sheridan masterpiece.

If series creator Taylor Sheridan has anything to say about it, Yellowstone fans will continue getting more and more backstory on his dysfunctional ranching family, the Duttons. After his modern Western became the most popular series on cable, the Paramount Network greenlit a prequel series for Sheridan to elaborate on how the Dutton family first came to own and operate their massive Montana ranch. Following the success of 1883, he's still going, with 1923 picking up a few decades later. He even has more rumored prequels in the works set in the '40s and '60s.

Boasting potentially the most star-studded cast of any Yellowstone series to date, 1923 features Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton, brother of James (Tim McGraw's character in 1883), who is currently running the ranch. While the series films in Montana, as did its predecessors, this is the first time Sheridan went global with his filming locations. With the story taking place after WWI, he took the cast and crew overseas to really bring to life certain storylines of the new Dutton characters throughout the show.

Unfortunately, there will be a bit of a wait between when you'll be able to finish up the first season and then catch the second when it comes to this Western epic. The second season is currently delayed as a result of the recent writers' strike, so there's currently no concrete date when it'll be hitting your TV once more. But in the meantime, there's thankfully still plenty to explore about the first set of episodes, and we can help break some of it down for you. That way, when the show does come back, you'll be more than ready to jump in.

For now, here's an overview of all of the filming locations seen throughout the first season of 1923.

South Africa

A giraffe walking in the african savannah of Entabeni Safari Wildlife Reserve with a butte geological rock formation in the background, Limpopo Province, South Africa.


Spencer Dutton, an interesting addition to the Dutton family tree, is living overseas after serving in WWI. In the first episode, we get to see him in South Africa, where he's been working after the war.


Mount Kilimanjaro with Acacia


More Spencer Dutton footage was captured in Tanzania during his travels abroad. The premiere sees him taking a train to a new destination, and really filming on-site in these countries helps bring his unique storyline to life in a particularly effective way.


blue lagoon Comino island Malta Gozo


Sheridan also traveled to Malta to capture specific scenes for 1923's first season, also part of Spencer's travels with new love Alexandra.

Butte, Montana

Structures and hills that make up part of Butte, Montana


The majority of filming for the series takes place in Montana — specifically, in the town of Butte. It's easy to see why this proved to be the ideal spot. Although the entire city and Uptown Butte area have been repainted to give a classic, rustic vibe, several locations in particular have been reserved specifically for filming 1923.

One such building that the production has rented out seemingly indefinitely is the Butte Civic Center. The 1923 crew set up a multitude of sets inside the 7,500-seat arena, which has stood since 1952. It's an important landmark in Butte and a spot where many of the locals spend a great deal of time. According to NBC Montana, the building was closed off to the public through  January 2023.

Paramount Productions also set up shop at the KMBF Radio Station in Carpenters Hall in Butte, which was transformed to better fit the overall look and feel of the prequel. The changes meant a complete renovation for the radio station's second floor, which the staff was more than happy to accommodate.

Additional Montana filming locations include Pony, Whitehall, Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Park City, Valier, Hamilton and Dillon, according to IMDB.

When is 1923 Season 2 coming out?

While 1923 is getting a second season, it's going to take a while before it arrives. Paramount confirmed that the Dutton origin story will indeed see additional episodes in February 2023. However, Season 2 is now officially delayed following the writers' strike.

Unfortunately, that means in June 2023, production on 1923 was put on pause for the foreseeable future. With no planned end in sight for the strike so far, it looks like we'll have to wait quite some time for the next round of episodes. Luckily, there's always rewatching the show in the meantime to see what you missed or didn't pick up on the first time around.

Keep watching this spot for additional updates and a potential date for when we can see the second season.

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