Watch What Happens When Two Blind Cows Meet for the First Time [VIDEO]


Meet Sweety and Tricia, two blind rescue cows who have an unbreakable bond.

After a few sniffs when they were initially introduced to each other, the two cows began nuzzling like they had been close friends for life. Ever since that first meeting, Sweety and Tricia have been joined at the hip.

Before meeting Sweety, Tricia resided at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York for seven years; but things hadn't been easy for the bovine. She had a difficult time making friends with the other cows because they were "too rough on her and she would panic because she couldn't see what was happening," Susie Coston, the national shelter director of Farm Sanctuary, told ABC News. The cow became close with another named Linda. Though unfortunately, Linda passed away from cancer, leaving Tricia sad and alone. "She was very depressed and bellowing all the time," Coston said.

That all changed when Sweety arrived. The two now share a stall, sleep next to each other and barely leave each others' sides. Thanks to their incredible bond and the care of shelter workers, both animals are expected to live long and healthy (and happy) lives.

Watch the video above from Farm Sanctuary to find out more about Sweety and Tricia's remarkable friendship.

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Watch What Happens When Two Blind Cows Meet for the First Time [VIDEO]