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'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant's Epic Flub Goes Viral

Hoo boy. Did Wheel Of Fortune contestant Kevin just make the biggest flub in the show's history? A lot of people think so. Considering the popular game show began in 1975, that's an impressive feat.

As you can see, Kevin seemed to be sitting pretty with all but one box filled in on the board. With $1,600 dollars in the bank, he chose to spin the wheel one more time. The move surprised host Pat Sajak, but hey, no guts, no glory.

As the dial carefully ticks past "Bankrupt," Kevin seems destined to add another $600 and easily win the game. Because everybody in their right mind knows the missing letter is "M." The answer to this puzzle very clearly reads, "A Streetcar Named Desire."

After all, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Tennessee Williams play permeates pop culture. And it's, you know, a title. Take a look at what Kevin guesses.


Every now and then, a contestant truly flubs Sajak. This is one of those times. Just listen to the way he says "No" after Kevin calls for a "K." The moans and groans in the crowd don't help, either.

And of course the next contestant goes on to correctly answer the puzzle. Sajak does his best to lift the mood by saying, "Funny little game." And he tells the winning contestant, "Although you got the right answer, I'd rather see Kevin's play."

So yeah, this one goes down as one of the biggest flubs in Wheel Of Fortune history. But Kevin has company at the top of embarrassment mountain.

Take, for example, the time an honors college student lost because he couldn't say Achilles' name correctly. Or the time this contestant lost because she mispronounced "pristinely" as "prista-nelly."

To be fair, we're all way more confident sitting on the couch answering questions. Who knows what might come out when all the nerves and bright lights get to you.

But for Kevin, we do have a bit of required viewing.

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