Whataburger Themed Corn Maze Pops up in South Texas

Rockin K Maze

If there's one things Texans love, it's Whataburger. Now, one farm has taken their appreciation for the beloved burger joint to the next level.

Rockin' K Maze in Robstown, Texas features a different theme for their corn maze each year. This time around, the farm's 6-acre maze displays the recognizable Whataburger logo.

"We've all grown up in the Corpus Christi area and that's something we wanted to highlight," farm owner Rachelle Klepac told MySanAntonio. "What better thing to do than Whataburger."

Whataburger Regional Director of Operations John Dolan also shared his excitement over the maze's design.

"Whataburger couldn't be happier to partner with Rockin' K Maze to provide a fun, family-friendly maze experience for the South Texas community," Dolan explained. "We can't wait to try our luck when the maze opens later this fall."

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If you're traveling near Corpus Christi and are looking for some fun this fall, consider heading to Rockin' K Ranch. Beginning Oct. 1, visitors to the farm can make their way through the Whataburger maze. It's expected to take visitors about 45 minutes to make it through on average, so you might want to grab a burger before you start exploring.

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Whataburger Themed Corn Maze Pops up in South Texas