Whataburger Releases New Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Hatch Green Chile Burger

Watch out Popeye's and Chick-fil-A, Texas-based Whataburger has added their cowboy hat to the spicy chicken ring. Available for a limited-time, Whataburger's new Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a delicious combination of a crispy chicken filet, topped with leaf lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and mayonnaise on a toasted four-inch bun. And that's not all! Whataburger also released a brand new Hatch Green Chile Bacon Burger on the same day. I don't know about you, but I'm heading to the fast-food chain ASAP.

Whataburger Rolls Out New Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Hatch Green Chile Burger

According to Whataburger Vice President of Marketing and Innovation Rich Scheffler, the Texas-based chain has been taking its time perfecting its limited-time sandwich and "meticulously crafting" the Whataburger spicy chicken sandwich recipe before releasing it to the public. The limited-time sandwich is joining the menu just as the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich and the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich did during their limited runs.

Also joining is the Hatch Green Chile Bacon Burger which features two large beef patties topped with American cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, crispy bacon, green chilies, and mayonnaise all on a five-inch bun. If you want the Hatch Green Chile Bacon Burger even spicier, add on some creamy pepper sauce and jalapenos.


"For all our Hatch green chile fans out there, you know how great they are. If you've never had Hatch green chiles, this is a great introduction," said Rich Scheffler. "With two fresh all-beef patties, roasted Hatch green chiles, two types of cheese, crispy bacon and creamy mayo, every bite is the perfect bite." Hatch chiles are specifically grown in the Hatch region of New Mexico and is described as lightly pungent similar to an onion with subtly sweet and spicy taste. During the Fall you can find hatch chilies roasting in front of most grocery stores in New Mexico.

The new menu items are available now for a limited time, so make sure to grab both before they are gone!

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