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"It's a Deep Fried Rat!" Texas Whataburger Customer Exclaims in Viral Video

As much as it sounds like it, this isn't like the Disney movie Ratatouille where a French rat follows his dream, impresses the prestige food critic, and eventually opens up his own restaurant. That was France and this is Texas, where apparently one rat (which turned out to be a mouse) decided to try its hand at cooking and ended up in a Whataburger deep fryer and it's all recorded on a Facebook video.

Brushawn Lewis was at the Whataburger restaurant in Bastrop, Texas when the incident took place. According to KVUE, Brushawn was driving home to Lake Jackson, Texas, after taking his best friend's son to the University of Texas vs. Louisiana Tech game on Saturday. On the way home, they both decided that a bite of fast food sounded good, so they stopped at the Bastrop Whataburger to grab a bite. He sat down and started eating when his cousin noticed there was something running around on the food prep counter and yelled out to Brushawn. Immediately Brushawn grabbed his phone and started recording the "damn rat" viral video.

Rat Jumps Into Whataburger Deep Fryer

With an abundance of caution, a few Whataburger employees tried to capture the rodent, however, the little guy had a different idea in mind and decided to jump ship into the hot deep fryer below.

According to Brushawn, the entire restaurant got refunds on their food. Whataburger reached out on the Facebook post as well.

"Thank you for bringing this to our attention. At Whataburger, cleanliness and food safety are top priorities for us. In this instance, we closed the restaurant out of an abundance of caution and notified pest control. The entire restaurant has since been cleaned and sanitized. We addressed this situation as quickly as possible, reinforcing procedures with our Family Members. While we'll continue to be very diligent, it's important to know there was no history of this type incident at this unit and there is no ongoing issue. A member of our team would like to reach out and address any concerns. Can you please share your contact information with us?"

For all those wondering, Deep-fried rat is not going to be a new Whataburger item.

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