Texas Girl Devastated By Post-Tooth Removal Whataburger Prank

Nikki Duvall decided to play a funny Whataburger prank on her daughter while she was recovering from her wisdom teeth removal. She told her that her favorite place to eat, Whataburger, had closed. Like it would to any good Whataburger fan would be, the news tore her to shreds.

She reminded her mother that she has a YETI featuring the Whataburger logo, further cementing her need for Whataburger.

Watch the funny prank in the video below.

Thankfully, she learned rather quickly that Whataburger had magically reopened, and all was well. Still, it must have been quite a shock to come out of surgery and hear such horrible news. Luckily for her, Whataburger is hooking Duvall's daughter up with a year of free Whataburger, according to Chron.com.

Founded in 1950, in Corpus Christi, Texas, Whataburger has developed a cult following across the South over the years. The restaurants feature an unmistakable and iconic orange and white, A-frame structure that is easily recognized from any road or highway. As of 2012, there are over 735 Whataburgers scattered across the Southern United States.

Correction: A previous version of this article claimed Nikki Duvall was the girl in the video. 

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