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Suspected Whataburger Flasher Hit by 18-Wheeler

I've heard of flashers at baseball games, hockey games, and even golf tournaments, but flashing your goods at a Texas Whataburger? That's a new one for sure. According to ABC 13, A man suspected of flashing people at a Houston Whataburger was in a hit and killed while running across the East Freeway.

Whataburger Flasher Hit and Killed by 18-Wheeler

The exposure took place around 10 p.m. at the Whataburger on I-10 and Wayside. Houston police arrived quickly and when they made contact with the suspect on the scene, the Whataburger flasher took off, crossing the westbound lanes of the highway then getting hit by an 18-wheeler when crossing the eastbound lanes. Police believe the suspect was hit by a second car. The driver of the second vehicle did not stop at the scene but stopped further down the road and made a phone call. The police officers did not chase the suspect due to the HPD policy on running across freeways. According to the police, neither driver was impaired.

The man's identity has not been released yet.

I cannot imagine what was going on in his head when A) he decided to expose himself to unlucky diners at the Whataburger restaurant on Wednesday night and B) he thought running across a freeway in the dark was a great idea. Imagine sitting there eating your double meat Whataburger with fries and you see a guy run in and wave his double meat around.

Our hearts are with his family and friends.

Whataburger News

In other Texas Whataburger news, six Texas couples are gearing up to celebrate Whataburger weddings on Valentine's Day. The contest winners had to submit a 500-word essay about why they would be the perfect couple to tie the knot under the A-frame. Prizes include a wedding cake, officiant, and photography. And one grand prize winner gets a $5,000 honeymoon. Cheers to the happy couples!

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