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WhataChristmas House in Houston Brings Whataburger Fandom to a New Level

If you thought that Whataburger Quinceañeras, Whataburger baby photos and Whataburger Christmas trees were extreme, meet the Pennebaker family of Houston whose Whataburger Christmas lights are causing a stir.

Matt Pennebaker and his wife Lyndsay own the home in the Houston Heights. The annual “Lights in the Heights” celebration bestowed the “Best nod to a Texan Tradition” award on the Pennebaker’s WhataChristmas home.

According to KPRC TV, Lindsay made the sign by hand-stenciling and painting it on plywood. They also made an orange and white Whataburger-themed Christmas tree which is topped with a lighted W.

In addition to the sign and tree, orange and white lights adorn the home and yard. In all, it’s a uniquely Texan Christmas look.

In recognition of the elaborate Whataburger Christmas lights display, the corporate office even sent their own superhero, WhataGuy to the Pennebaker home to greet the family.

The tradition has been ongoing for the past three years, and will hopefully continue for many more.

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