What to Expect From the Season 4 Premiere of ‘Nashville’

It’s time for our favorite primetime drama to keep us on the edge of our seats for another year.

ABC’s Nashville comes back for its fourth season Sept. 23 and has left fans eager to find out the fates of their beloved characters.

If you don’t remember what happened last season, here’s a quick refresher:

Most of Season Three was centered around the discovery of Deacon’s liver cancer, which could only be treated with a transplant. Deacon’s sister Beverly finally stepped up to the plate and offered up her liver to save her brother after another transplant opportunity fell through. During the season finale, viewers watched in horror as one of the characters flatlined during the procedure.

In the midst of the Deacon drama, Scarlett found herself falling for his doctor, Dr. Caleb Rand. Although he seems like an okay guy, it’s clear the chemistry between Scarlett and Gunnar never really went away. Will they pick up where they left off or just spend a few more episodes staring at each other longingly?

Juliette and Avery have hit the rocks due to a bad case of postpartum depression, which causes some violent and erratic behavior. It’s obvious she needs help, but with Avery walking away from the situation with their baby in hand, it seems like she’s about to hit rock bottom. Strangely enough, it also looks as though her career is about to blossom outside of all this personal chaos, especially with the news that Steven Tyler shows up to perform alongside her during the premiere.


Along with all of this craziness, mainstream country heartthrob Will Lexington announced he was gay during a press conference, Gunnar realizes the kid he thought was his own was actually his brother’s and Teddy gets arrested and reveals himself as an overall crappy guy.

While this all seems like a lot to take in, the best part about Nashville is its ability to provide sometimes mindless but endlessly entertaining episodes that get people talking. Grab your popcorn and tune into the season premiere Sept. 23 at 10 EST on ABC.

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What to Expect From the Season 4 Premiere of ‘Nashville’