Chicken Salt Is the Seasoning You Need in Your Life

It seems as if everyone in the world has a different way to enjoy french fries. In Canada, they drench them in beef gravy and cheese curds, hop the pond to England and you'll be served hot chips with malt vinegar, in Belgium you have mayonnaise as the go-to condiment, and in Australia, it's chicken salt. Put away that American ketchup, this superior version of salt will be the only thing you'll want to be sprinkled on your fries from now on.

Getting its start in South Australia chicken shops, this amazing seasoning is the genius invention of Peter Brinkworth, who started selling chicken and fries topped with his special "chicken salt". In the 1980s the family sold the business, and the secret recipe, to Australian food firm Mitani, who transformed the seasoning mixture into a national fast food icon. Since then the food brand has slightly changed the seasoning mix to what it is today.

According to The Guardian, Peter's original chicken salt recipe included onion powder, garlic powder, celery salt, paprika, chicken bouillon, curry powder, and monosodium glutamate. Mitani's eventually removed the MSG and chicken stock from their recipe, making it a vegetarian-friendly option. Mitani's chicken salt is also gluten-free.

Inspired by the original recipe, Jada Spices decided to release their own take on the popular Aussie seasoning mix and add their own special flavoring twist. Totally vegan, Jada Spices Chicken Salt comes in delectable flavors such as red pepper, reduced sodium, original, barbecue, and lime. Even Valerie Bertinelli swears by this seasoned salt on fries.

But if you are looking for something with that little bit of chicken oomph, grab a container of Chook Chicken Salt by Savory Spice. Loaded with chicken meat and skin, chicken broth, salt, chanterelle mushroom powder, this umami blend will be your seasoning best friend.

So the next time you are tempted to pour a little table salt on your fries (or even on a bowl of freshly popped popcorn) reach for a container of chicken salt. It'll add a whole new fried chicken-esque flavor to your fries. But watch out, eat too much of this stuff and you might start saying G'day mate to everyone you meet.

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