Self-Watering Planters: What Are They & Why They Are a Forgetful Gardener's Best Friend

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Many aspiring gardeners love the idea of owning plants but are less than confident in their ability to keep plants alive. As a failed plant mom myself, I fully relate to the sentiment and have killed more than a few plant babies from overwatering or under-watering. Fortunately, there's a solution to this forgetfulness that can keep plants alive no matter your plant skills- self-watering planters.

Self Watering Planters

If you're wondering what a self watering planter is, it's all in the name. They look like your basic planters on first glance, but they have a built-in reservoir that holds excess water in the bottom of the planter. This reservoir contains any extra water, preventing over-watering and keeping a healthy moisture level. It also gives the plants a water source that lasts for days, allowing you to leave your plant unwatered without killing it and providing an overflow hole for heavy rains.

Since overwatering and under watering can be deadly to plants when container gardening, finding a way to avoid this problem is the best way to keep even the most finicky plants alive and well. Self watering planters work in the same way that a wicking system does, which is when a little string goes in the bottom of a pot that allows plants to drink up water from a reservoir.

Plants drink the water when thirsty, using a force called capillary action. While some self-watering planters have a water level indicator, other self-watering planters simply need to be checked periodically to ensure the water reservoir doesn't need to be refilled. Some plants will soak up a large amount of water in a few days, while others will use less water and need to be refilled infrequently.

HC Companies Self Watering Planter


These 7.5 inch self-watering containers are ideal for preventing overwatering and root rot. The self-watering system keep the potting mix healthy and allow your plant's root system to soak water up whenever your plant needs more.

They're also great for indoor house plants, since the lack of drainage holes keeps them from dripping on carpets. If you're more interested in outdoor gardening, these self-watering pots are also made for durability, making them perfect for a garden, porch, patio or balcony.

No matter what types of plants you're gardening, many of your plants' needs are the same- a consistent level of water, the right amount of sun and shade, and healthy potting soil. Whether you're growing succulents, veggies or flowers, these DIY garden planters work great for a container garden.

To have your own self-watering garden, simply buy a set of self-watering planters, potting soil, and plants! This gardening innovation allow the most helpless of gardeners to keep a healthy, happy garden.