What Garth Brooks Did For These Mothers Will Leave You in Tears

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Mother’s Day is one of the most special celebrations on the planet. This is the day we all get to tell one of the most important people in our lives how we feel about them. Over the years, there have been some pretty amazing displays of affections for moms, but Garth Brooks just won the prize for best display ever.

At his concert on May 9, Brooks took a moment to show the moms in his audience how special they were. After requesting everyone, except the moms, to sit down, Brooks began performing his emotional song ‘Mom’. At the end of the song, he yelled, ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’, with the stadium erupting in a roar of cheers and celebrations. You can check out the sweet performance in the video below.



Unfortunately, Brooks’ own mother isn’t able to hear her son’s “Mom” masterpiece, because she passed away in 1999 after a battle with cancer. But, she would definitely love this song as much, if not more, than all of his fans do.

Brooks loved the moment so much, that he now plans to incorporate it into concerts going forward. He says that this was just the beginning of a tradition he plans to carry on for years to come. Brooks will continue to tour through the end of July after already hitting several cities along the way.

All in all, his tour has been widely successful, but it is safe to say that this stop will be the most memorable. Currently, he’s exciting fans everywhere with the idea of working on a solo album. Along with this album, he is working on a Christmas album with his wife Trisha Yearwood. The last time the two paired their voices together, it was for the hit “In Another’s Eyes,” which the couple recorded two decades ago.

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What Garth Brooks Did For These Mothers Will Leave You in Tears