This Interactive Quiz Tells You Which City You Should Live In

Whether or not you're ready to make a big move across the country, it's always interesting to see where you would best fit before you arrive. The United States is such a melting pot of cultures, geographies, and lifestyles that narrowing down a place, even in your daydreams, can often be harder than it seems. When it comes down to it, what matters most is what you consider a priority. Are you the type of person who can bulk grocery shop for two months and be happy as a clam, or do you typically run to the store every few days? Do you love being able to walk around town, or do you prefer the seclusion of a homestead? These are all priority choices that define your lifestyle. And to help you figure out which U.S. city is the best fit for you, big cities and all, this quiz on what city you should live in is incredible helpful.

From, this interactive quiz asks which priorities are most important to you to then narrow down the list of cities that best suits your needs. You can choose from about 16 different priorities, a few of which are shown below. You can also choose between the regions of the country.

When you're choosing your priorities, think about the things that matter most to your daily life. Is living in a food desert something you can manage, or is living near a grocery store a deal breaker? Are you looking to raise your own chickens? Rural might be the best setting for you as opposed to urban.

Once you make your selections, of which there's no limit, you'll be given a list of different cities that fit your preferences. The choices aren't limited to big cities like New York City or Chicago; you'll see the best places from around the country that fit your needs.

The company compiled data from Obrella, Safewise, C2ER, City-Data, Kelly Norton, Walk Score, and Redfin to categorize and define the cities' best qualities, and the worst. In the layered tool provided, they then mixed their information with the collected data to create an interactive quiz that's eerily accurate.

For my preferences, I chose the following options:

  • Walkability
  • Low crime
  • Low traffic
  • Clean air
  • Educated

My city selections already have me dreaming of a vacation (or even a move!).

What's most interesting is that before living in Texas, I lived in Boulder, Colorado. I always felt that it was a great fit, especially since walkability and clean air are two of my most important priorities.

By making the same selections, it can also show you the worst cities to live in. With that in mind, here are the worst based on my original choices.

Take the quiz yourself and try it out! If anything, it's worth it for a daydream.

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