The 17 Best Westerns You Can Stream on Netflix in 2023

The Western genre is having a moment -- and Netflix is riding the wave

In the heyday of Hollywood, Westerns were as prolific as modern-day superhero movies. The genre, celebrated for its stunning landscapes and timeless tales, eventually dwindled in popularity. However, the Old West is far from forgotten, as it thrives in the digital age of streaming. Netflix, a treasure trove of cinematic gems, hosts a collection of remarkable Westerns that cater to a diverse audience.

Whether you're a fan of the classic Western archetype, a newcomer to the genre, or someone in search of a modern twist, there's a Western film or series to suit your preferences. This revival of Westerns is hardly a surprise, given the allure of their untamed landscapes, captivating characters and timeless themes of justice, freedom and the enduring human desire to escape the constraints of civilization.

In the world of technology and urban chaos, these stories offer a breath of fresh, open-air relief. While you journey into the world of Westerns, you'll encounter dialogues about morality, freedom and the ever-present possibility of a showdown. Yet, amid the gunfights and standoffs, the true protagonist of any Western narrative remains the land itself, for it persists long after the dust settles, serving as a testament to the enduring human endeavor to coexist with the untamed wilderness. In the Wild West, we're just temporary visitors, striving to find our place within the vast and unyielding landscape.

Here are 17 excellent Westerns you can stream on Netflix in 2023.

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