Pinterest Predicts This Moody Country Aesthetic Will Take Over in 2024

Love moody interiors but love country? Western goth might be for you.

Step aside, coastal cowgirls. There's a new country core trend in town.

According to Pinterest Predicts—the platform's annual report that uses its search data to forecast the biggest trends of the upcoming year—Western goth is taking over home decor in 2024. This subgenre pays homage to the backcountry ranch vibes of traditional Western design but with a dark and moody twist. It's a marriage of the ruggedness and simplicity of the American West with the mysterious and macabre aesthetic of gothic design. In other words, you'll be seeing a lot of black leather and fringe on your Pinterest feed.

"Western gothic is a mixture of the Polo Ralph Lauren look of the 1980s and the moodiness of today," says Andress Eichstadt, CEO of the Staging Studio. "If grand-millennial was an update of your grandmother's cottage, Western gothic is a sophisticated new take on your grandpa's lodge."

So, how can you give your home that Western Goth update without raiding Grampy's fishing cabin? Skip the thievery and start incorporating darker hues, traditional country prints (the more cowhide, the better), and gritty accessories that scream Old West, like cow skulls and antlers.

Or you can take a cue from Josie Weyer, and paint all of your walls black.

Credit: Jose Weyer

The social media manager has been documenting her Western goth ranch home in Milwaukee, WI, on TikTok well before Pinterest decided it was going to be a thing. While there's much to love about her cozy, leather-filled home, Weyer said pulling the trigger on all-black walls really completed the gothic look—even if she didn't realize that was the aesthetic she was going for at the time.

"I had such a hard time describing to people what I thought it was," she said. "I did start telling people it was dark southwestern, but Western goth would be a good way to put it with all of the black that's incorporated. We swear black is our favorite color."

If black just so happens to be your favorite color and you want your space to feel like a dark vintage saloon without completely spooking away any houseguests, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind when styling your Western goth-inspired space.

Don't be afraid of dark hues

The basis of this aesthetic is the use of dark colors like black, navy blue, charcoal gray, and deep browns. This might be a dramatic change from the light and airy coastal style that's been popular in recent years, but it adds its own sense of sophistication and coziness to your space.

Don't be afraid to go all out with these colors, whether it's on your walls, furniture, or decor accents. You can go big with all-black walls like Weyer did or keep it subtle with multiple moody accents. Balancing the dark elements with a little bit of warmth, like natural wood, leather, or soft textiles, will make your space feel less like a dungeon and more like a cozy getaway.

Do say goodbye to succulents and hello to cacti

Credit: Josie Weyer

Whether you're growing a real garden or just buying fake plants, swap those trendy succulents for something with a little more danger. Since the Western goth aesthetic takes some inspiration from desert life, cacti make an ideal addition to your decor.

Not up for being even a faux plant parent? Bring the cacti shape into other decor elements, like wall art, throw pillows, or candle holders. Just make sure whatever you bring in has a prickly—and dark—edge to it.

Don't forget the antiques

Nothing says country charm like an old, weathered piece that's been passed down through generations. But in Western goth style, those antiques shouldn't be all pastel and shabby chic. Look for pieces with more character and history to them—the grimier, the better.

A tarnished metal trunk, a distressed leather chair, or a worn wooden table will give your space that rustic, lived-in feel. Anything with a hint of the macabre, like an old skull or taxidermy piece, will take the gothic element up a notch.

Do go heavy on the cowhide

Credit: Josie Weyer

Embrace the ruggedness of the Western aesthetic by incorporating perhaps the most iconic symbol of the American West: cowhide. Whether it's in the form of a rug, throw pillow, or even wallpaper, this classic print adds texture and visual interest to your space. Plus, it pairs perfectly with the dark hues that are prevalent in Western gothic design.

"I love sprinkling in a little bit of cowhide," Weyer agreed. "A bison skull or really any animal skull make such a big difference."

Don't start with accessories

As tempting as it is to fill your Amazon cart up with bison paintings, steer skulls, and leather pillows, Weyer urges fellow Western goth lovers not to repeat her mistakes. Don't overdo it on the smaller decor pieces before you've created a solid foundation with your larger furniture.

"At first, I was buying little tiny items to fill in the area," she said. "But I ended up getting rid of them, and nothing ever stuck. So my one piece of advice would be to find one big piece of furniture and work off of it. It's so much easier to match colors and your aesthetic if you hone in on one item first."

Do take your time

We all want to magically wake up inside of our Pinterest boards, but styling a space takes time and patience. Especially if you're going for a specific aesthetic like Western goth.

"When younger couples move into a home, they're pressured to decorate it right away and fill everything in," Weyer said. "It took us three years to decorate because I couldn't find my style for three years. So take your time, save your money, and invest in pieces that you really like and that you're going to keep around for a long time."

So, go ahead and embrace country's darker side. With a little bit of patience and a whole lot of cowhide, you can turn your space into the moody ranch of your dreams.

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