Looking for a New Job? This New Zealand Town Will Fly You in for Free

Considering a career move? Well you may want to consider your options. Like the option to fly to Wellington, New Zealand — for free.

So what's the catch? Well, for starters, you need to be interested in a career in tech. The tech industry in Wellington wants to attract more candidates from around the world to their neck of the woods. So they're flying in up to 100 people for a free weeklong stay in the town.

The town is calling it a "global talent attraction program." Basically, you have to prove you could be a software developer, creative director, digital strategist, product manager or analyst.

If you're interested, you simply put yourself up for nomination on the LookSee Wellington site. Then tech companies in town vote on their favorite nominees, and the top 100 vote-getters earn a free trip to New Zealand in May.

They even made this cool video highlighting some of the amazing aspects of the whole deal.

Wellington is the capital of and second-biggest city in New Zealand. The town boasts more than 400,000 residents and a booming cultural hub. Wellington now also owns a large percentage of the tech industry in the South Pacific. And the median income in town is higher than any other city in New Zealand.

And let's not even get started on the friendly people, sandy beaches and awesome food. Basically, we're all wishing we had a background in software development right about now.

If you're one of the lucky few with a tech background and a desire to see more of the world, you've got until March 20 to apply.

Of course, if you're not ready to uproot your life just yet, maybe just plan a vacation to the gorgeous locale. This year already brought us $69 flights to Europe. Hopefully it's not long before we see affordable airfare to Australia and New Zealand, too!

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