The Chambong: A Champange Bong For Wild Brunches

If the sound of someone asking for a beer bong reminds you too much of college, I am right there with you. While I owe a lot of good nights to those silly contraptions, I think my days of chugging beers are over. However, I am willing to make room for a more adult style, classier shot glass style bong if you will.

The Chambong is the Sunday Funday, celebratory tool we knew we always needed for rapid champagne consumption. From using it at weddings as a creative way to toast the bubbly to the bride and groom to cheers-ing to the weekend, the Chambong mini is your new best friend.

This enhanced champagne drinking experience of champagne consumption is a great addition to any event. Just fill the champagne flute with your choice of sparkling wine and get the drinks flowing in your newfangled champagne glasses. With this glass flute, you're one step closer to a wilder birthday party, brunch, or New Year's celebration.

The magical device is great to bring to parties and once you're done partying it up, you can stick them in the dishwasher or hand-wash. Chambong Industries knows what the people want. Hint: it's a champagne bong.

While the classic vessel is a champagne glass flute, these bongs are crafted using high borosilicate glass, hold 6 ounces of champagne each, and are perfect for toasting the night away with friends! If you're heading to a Bachelorette party, this is the perfect addition. Don't forget to snap a pic and get a wedding ring shot with your Chambong.

Basically they're designed for rapid cocktail consumption because why not? Drinking champagne can be a more enhanced experience that not just champagne lovers can enjoy.

What's better than customer reviews? Seeing it in action! Take a peek at some people who can't get enough of these Chambongs

Needless to say, we are obsessed with these awesome products and it looks like the field testing is a success, too. Get your party science covered with these fun little glasses. If you're in a bind, one-day shipping is available, though free two-day shipping is offered for Prime members through Amazon fulfillment.

Shop the Chambong champagne glasses for yourself or give the perfect gift to the champagne drinking lover in your life. If you have one, let us know on our social channels through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram how you like it!

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