10 Silly Things to Refrigerate That Have Nothing to Do with Food

With summer on the way, many people's thoughts are beginning to turn to the annual conundrum of how to keep the house cool without spending a fortune on air conditioning. Fortunately, there is a secret solution hiding in your kitchen: the refrigerator (and it's accompanying freezer of course).

More than just a good way to chill your water, the refrigerator can benefit a whole slew of unexpected household items. From jeans to candles, a little stint in the ice box will help you combat the oppressive heat of summer and help your household goods last longer.

1. Metal Bowls + Whisks


Don't try to whip your cream in the summertime if you haven't chilled your utensils first. For that matter, don't forget to chill your bowls and whisks in the winter either. Keeping your accouterments cool is the secret to a quick and smooth whipped topping.

Plus cold bowls and whisks will feel great against your bare hands.

2. Fresh Cut Flowers

Have you ever noticed that florists always keep their flowers in the refrigerator? Well, there's a reason for that. That way, you won't have to rush out and purchase them the day of your special event.

Instead, keep your gorgeous bouquets oh so fresh for a day or two by popping them in the fridge.

3. Sealed Envelopes


We've all done it. You've finished getting all the documents together, addressed the envelope, and then sealed it only to realize that one critical piece of paper was left out.

Deep breath. Don't panic. There is a solution.

Pop your prematurely sealed envelope into the freezer for a couple hours. After that, you should be easily able to seamlessly pop open the adhesive seal with a knife.

4. Eye Cream

If you're spending significant sums of money to combat the inevitable aging process, you really want to make sure that you're getting your money's worth. If you place your products into the fridge, then you will.

Having those anti-aging formulas cool will not only feel great, but it will reduce puffiness, which is ideal after those late nights or early mornings.

5. Lipstick


You know, that process of oxidation that causes the oils in your lip color to spoil and ruining your favorite $40 tube? Prevent your lipsticks from "going bad" by sticking them in the fridge.

The only downside here is that storing them in the refrigerator can cause the colored creams to sweat, or form beads of water on the surface, when they are removed. However, if you only wear the colors once in awhile, this technique will help your colors last seemingly forever.

6. Eyeliner

It is so incredibly irritating when you sharpen your pencil eyeliner only to have the charcoal fall out right as you were about to shape the perfect point.

Thankfully, chilling your liner can prevent this unnecessary waste and give you a perfect point every time.

7. Candles

You've probably heard that placing candles in the freezer to help them last longer is an urban myth. Well, it isn't.

While you may not see a significant difference with your jar-candles, if you leave your taper candles to freeze, you will be surprised what a difference it makes. Not only will the burn longer, but they will have noticeably fewer drips.

8. Jeans


No one likes when their favorite pair of jeans begins to fade. So take preemptive measures to prevent this problem. Stick your brand new pair of jeans in the freezer overnight before you wash them. It really will do wonders to preserve the color and life of your denim.

Reminder: You also should be washing your jeans inside out to preserve their color.

9. Pillowcases

You know how good the cold side of the pillow is on those hot summer nights? Now you can amplify the relief that it brings by putting a stack in the freezer.

Imagine every night getting to lay down on a fresh, clean, and icy pillow. Cool, right?

10. Pantyhose

Make your nylons last longer and prevent runs? Sign us up! Here's how it's done:

Submerge your new pantyhose in water and then wring them out. Place your damp stockings in a plastic bag in the freezer and freeze. When you're ready to wear them, thaw them in the bathtub and hang them out to dry. Once they're dry, you're ready to run.

What other items do you refrigerate or freeze? We want to know your hacks — share them in the comments below!

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