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This Map Will Show You The Best Places to Get Hitched


Weddings are expected to be a ridiculous amount of work. From satisfying everyone's expectations to creating a memorable experience for guests, couples are presumed to have a vision along with the funds to back it up. But what if brides and grooms-to-be could minimize their stress levels just by choosing the closest city with the best opportunities to be wedded?

WalletHub recently compiled a list and map of 180 cities that have the means to hold the "cheapest and most convenient" weddings while still maintaining elements that make a celebration special.

On average, weddings cost about $35,000, a drop in the bucket of a $76 billion wedding industry. WalletHub looked at stats that could help lower cost and increase ease for couples by considering aspects like prices of three-star hotel rooms, venue options and prices, photographers per capita, and of course, average cost of weddings in the area.

Source: WalletHub

One city in the top five won't surprise anyone - Las Vegas, Nev. comes in at number two and also appears on the micro list for "Most Attractions." Filling out the rest of the top tier of cities to get married in is Miami, Fla. (5), Los Angeles, Calif. (4), Atlanta, Ga. (3) and coming in at No. 1 - Orlando, Fla.

If you want to see the details of how your nearest wedding-centric city stacks up against the competition, check out the full results here from WalletHub.

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