How to Wear Overalls Like a City Girl

Sometimes you just need to channel the city girl within.

There ain't nothing wrong with being a country girl. But sometimes it's fun to step onto greener pastures...err...more metropolitan ground. You can stay true to your southern roots while still incorporating elements of city life into your outfits.

One of the ways to do this is with overalls. The traditionally "country" piece of clothing isn't known for being classy, but when worn with the right pieces, overalls can look pretty snazzy. You can wear overalls like a city girl by changing up the pieces that you wear them with.

There are some clear differences between country overalls style and city overalls style.

Country Overalls Style

  • Pants are often cuffed at the bottom
  • Usually worn with a plain tee/tank or plaid shirt
  • Boots or sneakers are the footwear of choice
  • Getting dirty ain't no thang

City Overalls Style

  • Not always denim
  • Usually worn with heels
  • Accessories added to outfit
  • Clean is cool

Taking these style rules into consideration, here are some chicks representing city life in overalls. You will see that some of these looks have elements of both country and city style.

Black Overalls

Business Lady

These black overalls are clearly city girl attire (the dark lipstick and stern look on this girl's face make me think she is a New Yorker). The sheer button down with the tie collar is a sophisticated piece, and the nude pumps complete the "chic in the city" look.

Elements of Country Overalls

The Honeybee/Andee Layne

What's great about this city look is that it has hints of country style in it, thanks to the plaid shirt around the waist and the cuffed pants. In typical city girl style, the dark wash overalls are being worn with a fitted crop top and heels.

Overalls With Accessories

Little J Style

Unlike the simplicity of country overalls style, this look is more trendy, thanks to the handbag, hat, bracelets and sunglasses. City girls love their accessories. Adding accessories to an outfit is one of the easiest ways to change the overall (no pun intended) look.

Overalls With a Pop of Color

Prints like plaid, camo and gingham might be country style staples, but for the city girl, it's all about pops of color. In addition to the red hot heels, this fashionista chose a red purse, sunglasses and a gold link necklace- all things that city girls love.

Leather Overalls

Not only are these overalls black, they are leather. Definitely not a country piece of clothing. I really like the zipper on the legs. The fitted crop top, tall heels and dangly earrings complete this city look.

The next time you feel like breaking away from your country style, try adding some city elements to your outfit and see what kind of look you come up with. Overalls are a classic piece of country clothing, so it's easy to stay true to your southern style while mixing in some city style.

Overall....what do you think of these looks? Are you ready to try and wear overalls like a city girl?

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How to Wear Overalls Like a City Girl