What To Wear To Your Next Country Concert

Whether you’re headed to an indoor arena or an outdoor venue, here’s some tips on how country fans can dress to impress.

You’ve been counting down the days until this concert for weeks, and now the day is finally here. You want to have a great time but also look your best, so what are your options when it comes to combining country style and comfort? Our list will guide you through what to wear to your next country concert.

Represent yourself

Kacey Musgraves
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No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, you want to wear something that represents you and your personality. One of the simplest options that is great for both indoor and outdoor concerts – and both sexes – is a simple t-shirt. Grab a shirt like Kacey MusgravesVinyl Ranch tee that represents her home state, or a shirt that shows off another one of your favorite artists. Be warned: it’s generally still seen as tacky to wear a shirt that has the same artist as your seeing that day, so wait until tomorrow to put on your brand new tour shirt.

Don’t forget your denim

Jean jacket
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Denim is always a great option for an easy and comfortable concert outfit. If you’re headed to an indoor show, bring along a classic denim jacket to throw on if the air conditioning gets a little too intense. For the ladies, don’t be afraid of mixing a boxier denim jacket with a feminine sundress for those outdoor, warm weather shows. It gives you an effortless country, girl-next-door feel without showing off too much skin and gives you the ability to keep out the chill when the sun goes down.

Flannel keeps it classic


For both guys and girls, a good flannel shirt is a great and reliable item to wear alone or to pair with other pieces. If you are fighting the winter cold, button it up and throw on a scarf to dress it up. If you’re afraid you’ll work up a sweat, put on a light layer under your shirt and leave it unbuttoned – it will help let air in to cool you off when you are dancing up a storm.

Cover your feet


If you are going to a general admission event, it’s best to avoid any footwear where your feet are exposed to the elements. Rain, spilled beer or other concertgoers’ feet are more likely than not to end up somewhere on you before the show is over. Avoid flip-flops and any open-toed footwear in general, even if you’re outside. Cowboy boots are a classic choice, be make sure they are comfortable enough to wear for an extended period of time so you can avoid having sore legs before the opening act is even finished.

Protect yourself

Flickr/Peter Reid

If you’re enjoying an outdoor show, make sure you come prepared. Don’t forget the sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses. A hat is another great option to keep the sun and any other elements out of your eyes and face while you watch the show. If you are at a general admission show where you are in close quarters with other people, try to steer clear of large rimmed or generally big hats that can impede on the sight line of others around you.


Most fans go to staples like a baseball cap or a cowboy hat, but beanies (a la Zac Brown) and even feather adorned, large-rimmed fedoras are accessories that have been frequently spotted on many country fans recently.

Enjoy the show!


No matter what you wear to a show, make sure you are comfortable and you feel like yourself. No one wants to be distracted from an amazing performance by an uncomfortable fashion choice, so don’t overthink it, be proud of your look and have a great time!

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What To Wear To Your Next Country Concert