Screengrab via Facebook Video

Water Snakes Put on ‘Synchronized Slithering’ Show at Texas State Park

A mesmerizing video of snakes performing a synchronized mating ritual at a Texas state park has gone viral.

The surprising sight was captured by officials at the Sheldon Lake State Park and Environmental Learning Center in Houston. The non-venomous snakes appear to swim through the dirt and brown leaves as though they were practicing a water routine. However, experts say that this sequence is a standard part of the mating season. As the warmer, spring weather rolls in, these snakes will begin practicing this type of dance more and more often.

You can watch the snakes' synchronized mating ritual in this video.

Typically, these particular types of snakes mate in the spring. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website, the males will seek out females using their sense of smell. After sniffing her out, they will then use "pushing, rubbing and weaving movements" to stimulate the female to be receptive to them. She will have her pick of guys to choose from whenever she is ready to mate.

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Since Sheldon Lake State Park released the video on Facebook, over 33,000 people have watched the hypnotizing video. It's always amazing to see animals perform feats like this, even when they do come naturally. The Park does warn that snakes are out and about, so those visiting should be on the look out for them. While these particular snakes are non-venomous, that might not necessarily be the case with other snakes in the area.

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