You Can Turn Water into Sparkling Wine with the SodaStream

It's true, you can now hold the power to turn tap water into sparkling wine. It's practically a miracle! With SodaStream's newest limited edition product line, 'Sparkling Gold', you can prepare your own fruity Riesling wine without popping a cork.

While technically you can make sparkling wine with your SodaStream machine using still wine and adding carbonation (it makes a huge mess, please don't do it), the company has come out with an official product this holiday season for your festive beverages.

How to Make Sparkling Wine with SodaStream

Preparing the wine is as simple as adding the concentrate to your sparkling water. Heck, you can almost call yourself a vintner!

Start off by adding tap water into your SodaStream plastic bottle and carbonating it. Once the water is carbonated, pour in the wine concentrate at a ratio of one part concentrate to five parts sparkling water. Stir or shake and pour into a wine glass. It's that simple.

SodaStream Sparkling Gold


Something so simple can't be knock-me-off-my-feet good, right?

Wrong! This sparkling wine actually undertook research tests and independent market research and ultimately 76 percent of participants liked the taste of 'Sparkling Gold' as much or more than French champagne brands Moet & Chardon and Veuve Clicquot.

Comparative to a sweet Riesling, this 10% alcoholic beverage has a nice sugar content and goes down smooth. The alcoholic concentrate is currently only available on the Germany SodaStream website in their online store.

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