The 5 Reasons Watching Food Melt is Oddly Satisfying

Satisfaction comes in myriad forms. After putting in a hard day's work, satisfaction may be an ice cold beer. You could feel satisfaction after the jerk that cut you off gets pulled over one block later. Many people think popping bubble wrap is satisfying, too. Whatever your "thing" is, you probably know what satisfies you and enjoy doing it. What you may not have known, though, is that melting food can be satisfying.

That's right, the YouTube channel Watch It Melt specializes in melting food, and watching food melt is oddly satisfying. The following five are our favorites.

1. Sulfuric Acid vs. Sushi

Without a title, you may think this video is from your local hibachi restaurant. It's not, though. It's just a regular old piece of sushi being demolished by sulfuric acid.

If you don't already have your sound on, crank it up. The sizzle is so delightful.

2. Tiny Torch vs. Blue Cheese

We feel like we've been served this at a fancy restaurant before, but who knows. Our brains are too busy melting watching this blue cheese quite literally melt. Yes, we can picture how this one smells. No, we don't love it.

3. Hot Knife vs. Kiwi

The hot knife "experiments" are ever so quirky. Without much force, Watch It Melt's evil genius slides a knife right through a kiwi. It's not done after that, though. The zoom feature comes into play and, well, things truly do get a little weird.

4. Torch vs. Lollipop

Willy Wonka's chocolate factory just got a bit morose. This style of lollipop truly looks as if it was molded while melted, so watching it melt more is just great. Ten out of ten, would watch again.

5. Sulfuric Acid vs. McChicken

This is the one you've all been waiting for. A straight-up McDonald's chicken sandwich, melted by acid. We must admit, it wasn't the prettiest sandwich to start. Watching it ooze away into horrible blackness seems a just fate.

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