Watch Zac Brown's 'Sir Rosevelt' Put On Their Sunday Finest in New Video

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Sir Rosevelt seemingly sprung up out of the blue a few weeks ago. Now, we know a bit more about Zac Brown's eclectic new side project. Like, for starters, whose in it.

In addition to Brown, Texas native Niko Moon and recording engineer Ben Simonetti round out the funky new trio. Moon collaborated as a writer with Brown recently, but he's also still pretty new on the scene. Other credits include pop DJ Avicii. Meanwhile, Simonetti has experience in the studio as an engineer or assistant engineer on some big country projects. Those include Zac Brown Band's 2015 release Jekyll + Hyde.

The trio known as Sir Rosevelt released a cryptic message along with their first track "Sunday Finest" two weeks ago. It looks like they were also fast at work on a rip roaring music video. It features a neo-flapper vibe with all the opulence you'd expect of its psudo-1920s vibe. Oh, and muscle cars.

No doubt, the project looks like a total blast. And t's probably a pretty great outlet for the three, who are all very busy in addition to Sir Rosevelt.

For starters, Brown says the Zac Brown Band is returning to its roots when it hits the studio at the end of the year. Which probably means a lot of the experimentation, fusion and genre melee of Jekyll + Hyde goes out the window.

But as Sir Rosevelt seems to prove, he's still got lots of collaborative effort left in him. And a lot of not-so-country sounds he and his friends can spin in a fun new way.

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Watch Zac Brown's 'Sir Rosevelt' Put On Their Sunday Finest in New Video