Watch Zac Brown Band Flawlessly Cover the Eagles' 'Seven Bridges Road'

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The Eagles' version of "Seven Bridges Road" has been covered many times over the last few decades. In 2014, Zac Brown Band took on the song with an amazing live rendition that wowed the crowd. Brown's voice is perfect for the lead, and the band's harmonies soared during the performance.

The iconic song may have been popularized by The Eagles, but it was originally written and recorded by Steve Young. "Seven Bridges Road" was first featured on Young's 1969 album, Rock Salt & Nails. It was then recorded by singer Ian Matthews in 1973 with a different vocal arrangement. The Eagles' 1980 version is similar to that of Matthews'.

Zac Brown and his band give a truly flawless and fun performance in the fan-captured video. You can tell they are all just having a blast on stage.

A fun fact about "Seven Bridges Road" -- The Eagles were singing it long before they officially recorded it. The band loved the song and would warm up before shows by singing it in the shower area. When they started playing it during their concerts, it was well always received by the audience. The first time the song made it onto the group's discography was on their 1980 Eagles Live album.

The song has been covered by many other people, including The Carter Family, Alan Jackson and Dolly Parton.

Zac Brown Band is no stranger to singing cover songs, either. Their Hank Williams tribute and rendition of  "Let It Be" by the Beatles are both must-watch performances.

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Watch Zac Brown Band Flawlessly Cover the Eagles' 'Seven Bridges Road'