Watch a Young Couple Age 70 Years in 6 Minutes

With the help of a little makeup magic, watch this couple age before your eyes.

We all daydream about what the future might hold. Will flying cars rule the sky? Will hover-boards become a reality? But when gazing into our imaginary crystal balls, we rarely envision the effects that time will have on our looks. A new video created by Field Day allowed a young couple to do just that.

Kristie and Tavis, who are freshly engaged couple in their 20's, were given the opportunity to see what the other would look like at the ages of 50, 70 and 90 through the application of movie-quality makeup. At 50, they scoff at the idea of having teenagers and being members of the PTA. Things get emotional at 70 when Tavis admits, "I can't help but think about what the potential last 50 years were."

Experiencing the aging process like this did not give the couple cold feet, and they saw it as a treat for their parents who will likely be gone before they get to that age. The video ends on a humorous note when the interviewer asks whether not they will be sexually active at 90. Watch it now to find out their answers.

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Watch a Young Couple Age 70 Years in 6 Minutes