A Woman's Love
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Willie Nelson Releases Video for Romantic New Song, ‘A Woman’s Love’

In the spirit of love, Willie Nelson just released a brand new song and video. The song, called "A Woman's Love," is a taste of new music from his upcoming album God's Problem Child.

The tune features a notable Spanish guitar-themed vibe, which is something Nelson visits from time to time. As Nelson's classic nylon string holds down the core of the song, piano, harmonica and other instruments swell with passion.

"A woman's love," Nelson sings, "is deeper than a man's." From there, he takes the listener on a journey through the ups and downs of intense feminine love. It makes sense he initially released the tune on Valentine's Day.

As for the video — well, it's not much, but it's always great to see Willie singing and playing. The video alternates between black and white and colorized moments as Nelson sings the tune.

"A Woman's Love" carries a notably contemporary structure and sound for Nelson. The drums and percussion, for instance, have a very modern sound and feel. Not to mention the rest of the pristine production.

But no matter what, there's no changing Willie's voice. He sounds the same as he ever did, which is to say, classic Willie.

"A Woman's Love" is the fifth track on his upcoming album God's Problem Child. Nelson co-wrote seven of the 13 tracks on the album, but this first single came from the pens of Mike Reid and Sam Hunter.

Longtime legendary producer Buddy Cannon produced the album, along with co-writing every one of Willie's tunes. In a particularly sweet moment, the album's opening track comes straight from Cannon's mother, Lyndel Rhodes. An adorable video of Rhodes hearing Nelson sing her song for the first time surfaced months ago.

Other tracks to look forward to include "Still Not Dead," his tongue-in-cheek reference to death hoaxes, and "Delete and Fast Forward," a tune about the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

God's Problem Child drops April 28.

"A Woman's Love Lyrics"

A woman's love goes deeper than the man's
Into a place only she understands
It's a healing touch, it's a blade of a knife
but it's a woman's love, it's a woman's love
That gives you life

A woman's love is stronger than a man's
It can hold your heart in the palm of his hands
It can keep the faith through the long dark night
It takes a woman's love a woman love to see the night

It'll make you fly or sink you like a stone
It'll leave you high or leave you all alone
If you believe her word no matter what you've heard
Anybody says about it, there's no life for you without it now

If a woman's love ever finds your soul
It'll break your will and take control
Cause the very thing your heart cries for
is a woman love, is a woman love
And nothing more
It's a woman love you're living for

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