Watch What Happens When You Light 2,000 Sparklers on Fire

Screengrab via YouTube

Normally sparklers play an innocent role in Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve celebrations. Even small children can grab a hold of these bright, crackling sticks without too much fear.

However, a few (possibly pyromaniac) friends decided to see what happens when you strap 2,000 of these sparklers together. Then, of course, you have to light them on fire from a safe distance.

Unlike larger fireworks, gunpowder isn’t part of the chemical makeup of sparklers. So you might expect the results of this experiment to be rather lackluster. However, sparklers are made with oxidizing nitrates and chlorates mixed with powdered metals to create those signature sparks.

When you put that much fuel together in a tidy bundle, it has to create something blindingly spectacular. Just wait for this pile of oxidizers take off.

This particularly bright experiment was actually a follow up to another video where the crew lit 1,000 sparklers. For the record, you get a little more height and width.

The makers of this video note that an added bonus of this stunt (which cost around $150 to do) is that you have a healthy campfire going for the rest of the evening. So for those of you out there tired of getting that kindling going, you have another option.

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Watch What Happens When You Light 2,000 Sparklers on Fire