Watch What Happens When Vegetarians Try Meat the First Time

Can you remember the first time you bit into a crispy, salty slice of bacon? Or what about a tender, golden brown piece of fried chicken? Probably not. But these vegetarians probably can. Biting into a chunk of meat for the first time in a year or more, Facts. tests what happens when vegetarians try meat for the first time in, well, awhile.

As a meat eater, your mouth is probably watering already. As a vegetarian, you're probably convulsing. The thought of chewing on a hunk of flesh to a vegetarian is like asking someone to eat a can of worms. Pretty gross. Yet, how could anyone refuse something wrapped in bacon or a juicy burger stacked to the high heavens in deliciousness? Surely, one bite would be enough to turn any vegetarian into a ravenous carnivore. Or, one bite and this happens.

Any meat eater would go crazy for bacon wrapped anything. These ladies on the other hand would rather use the spit bucket than swallow a single bite. Even the way they delicately cut a steak leads on to the fact that meat is not for them. Or even food to them. Which is okay, because I'm sure the cows would agree - wait, did that guy deliver the steak with a cow outfit on?

When it comes down to spicy chicken wings on the other hand, how could these vegetarians not fall back in love with meat? Well, if your one particular vegetarian, chicken is the worst thing you could possibly eat. Not all of the ladies agree though. Judging by the reaction of the lady in black, spicy chicken wings tastes just as good as she remembered. Forget biting into a bone or slimy feeling skin, chicken wings taste pretty darn good. Do I sense a change in diet?

And then there was the burger to solidify being vegetarian. Chewing, chewing, chewing, and still chewing, who made this burger? Maybe the bland tissue of the veal will have them reconsider. Nope. Looks like that's also a no go.

At least for two out of three. Despite claiming vegetarian for life, I have a feeling someone may try and sneak in a chicken wing or two after a night at the pub. But it's okay, you can blame the pints of beer.

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