Watch What Happens When Chefs Throw Everything into the Deep Fryer

If you're as obsessed with deep-frying food as all the deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey and fried food on a stick lovers, then prepare yourself for a drool fest over ChefSteps deep-fryer frenzy. Like kids in a candy store, ChefSteps goes on a rampage tossing all the things into the deep-fryer. From frying up the savory to the sweet, they give us just another reason to take a break from our mundane office work to watch some food porn.

Before you delve into the madness though, you should know it's not just all about tossing all the things into the fryer. Frying takes a bit of technique and finesse. Things like temperature and oil type need to be taken into consideration. Then there's the egg washes, batter, and flakes that have to coat the food. Really, it's all about science. Ok, who am I kidding, it's about tasty, guilt-ridden fried food.

First up on the menu, deep-fried ramen. Forget trying to make your ramen healthy, crispy ramen with basil sounds like the new go-to doctored up ramen recipe. Then, things get crazy with a sandwich deep-fried cupcake. Yeah, that just happened. Now, a deep-fried peach biscuit coated in powder sugar? I'm sensing a bit of county fair inspiration here.

The ham, Kraft singles, and white bread sandwich takes a rather gourmet turn being coated with a French toast batter and topped with maple syrup. And as if your mouth wasn't watering already, they go and deep-fry a s'more on a stick. Wait, where did the marshmallow go?

Taking a turn for the savory deep-fried potato balls and steak make the steak and potato dinner you haven't lived until you've tried. And for the Californian in you? Booze-fried avocado. Yes please. Then they just get crazy with it experimenting with cauliflower, a McMuffin, egg yolk, and cheesy veggie mites. Wait, veggie mites? Guess it's good for break-y.

No deep-fried menu would be complete, however, without dessert. Getting the oil super hot, they fry up everyone's favorite, deep-fried ice cream. Of course, no ice cream would be complete without a little something to go with it, like, say, a bacon crusted cinnamon roll so good you'll fork feed your buddy next to you. Can you taste the fried goodness yet?

I hope you have a deep-fryer at home or the fair is in town, because after all this deep-frying madness you'll want to send your cholesterol through the roof one fried bite at a time. But hey, there's veggies in some of it.

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