Viral Footage Shows Incident That Got WWE Legend Ric Flair Kicked Out Of A Restaurant
Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

WATCH: Viral Footage Shows Incident That Got WWE Legend Ric Flair Kicked Out Of A Restaurant

Things are most certainly not woohooo! WWE icon Ric Flair recently got kicked out of Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza restaurant in Gainesville, Florida. Now, a viral video is showing why.

Filmed by what appears to be an employee, the video shows Flair's interactions with the bar tender. The WWE appears to be intoxicated and slurring as he had a heated exchange with the employee. Flair said, "I've been there wrong except to spend money and put this place over and bring my family and friends here. That is bad for you. Well watch those media tomorrow."

Flair followed up on his threat by tweeting about the place. he wrote, "Spent $1500 At @PiesanosSFP To Be Disrespected More Than I Ever Have In My Entire Life. After Taking 20 Pictures With Customers And Staff, I Was Asked To Leave Because Of An Issue I Had With The Kitchen Manager Taking Too Long In The Bathroom. I Would Highly Recommend That Anyone Who Wants To Enjoy A Relaxing Time In Gainesville At A Nice Restaurant To Never Visit This Place! WOOOOO!"

Flair then got angry with the bar tender, asking him for his name. He said, "What's your name, nutjob? Nicholas D—khead." The bar tender apparently cut him off after he cussed at the manager.

Flair also added, "You don't have to do this to me. I'm not I didn't do one thing wrong. I walked into a bathroom. I accosted him, really? What world do you live in? How did I accost him? Did I touch him?" Flair continued saying he "said a cuss world, no. I didn't say one cuss word."

Ric Flair Challenges Bar Tender To Fight

He then tried to turn the employees on one another, telling the nearby waitress, "Ma'am I'll give you a $1,000 tip just to say to him, 'Kiss my a—.'"

The bartender said he was cut off from drinking, and Flair said, "You're a dips—t." He then also challenged him, "Come outside and talk to me like a man. You are on the p—sy clock."

Finally, a fellow patron jumped in threatening to fight Flair if he didn't shut up.

The establishment also released a statement, "We have reviewed video of the incident that took place recently at our restaurant. It is clear, our team worked in a professional manner to ensure the safety of guests and staff. We have thanked our team for their professionalism. We are proud of how they responded to this situation using and displaying our team values."