Watch Vince Gill and Chris Young Perform New Duet on 'The Tonight Show'

Screengrab via NBC

On June 11, Vince Gill and Chris Young performed their new duet, "Sober Saturday Night," on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Backed by Fallon's house band, The Roots, the two singers gave an emotional and heartfelt performance.

"Sober Saturday Night" is Young's newest single. In an interview with The Boot, Young expressed his admiration for Gill and the excitement he felt working with him. "I grew up loving Vince Gill. That guy sounds just like his record -- or better than his record. I've always been such a fan." He continues, "I asked him to do it. He was like, 'Come over to my house.' So I got to sit in Vince Gill's studio and hang out with him. It was a great day."

During their Tonight Show performance, Gill played guitar and sang back-up (those high notes!) for Young throughout the song. Their harmonies were perfect during the both serious and heart-wrenching track.

"Sober Saturday Night" deals with the pain of waking up alone, and how no whiskey could possibly fix the hurt or make things right again. The track is featured on Young's latest album, I'm Comin' Over, and follows the release of his duet with Cassadee Pope, "Think of You."

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Watch Vince Gill and Chris Young Perform New Duet on 'The Tonight Show'