Stephen Dorff Plays an Aspiring Country Singer in Faux-Documentary ‘Wheeler’

Well, this looks... interesting. Momentum Pictures just released the trailer for an upcoming faux-documentary about the music industry. Or at least about a really common theme in it. Wheeler follows an aging Texan looking to make it in country music by heading to Nashville.

Stephen Dorff throws on a hat and his best country accent (and a notable amount of scruff) to play titular character Wheeler. He visits some iconic spots, like the Ryman Auditorium and Bluebird Cafe. While at the cafe, he catches the ear of some people who want to help him "make it."

You know, just like real life.

The "catch" of the whole thing is that Dorff wore prosthetic makeup to help him "infiltrate" the town. He supposedly talks to real people and performs all of the songs live.

Watch the trailer below.

Of course, there's a significant script, too. The trailer features several recognizable faces around town, including legendary Texan Kris Kristofferson and NSAI (a song organization in town) executive director Bart Herbison.

His friends and family back in Kaufman, Texas also speak openly of his love for country music. Meanwhile, others in the trailer lament the current state of country music. Kind of like that Paula Cole song, "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone."

And yet Wheeler certainly seems like an optimistic stab at the Texas to Nashville trope. Plenty of country superstars made the move, from Kristofferson to modern hitmakers Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris.

Can Wheeler change country music for the better by playing a couple cool tunes? Check out the film on Feb. 3 to find out.

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Stephen Dorff Plays an Aspiring Country Singer in Faux-Documentary ‘Wheeler’