Watch Tim McGraw, Chris Janson Sing 'How I'll Always Be' Backstage

Screengrab via Facebook

Man, sometimes it's just cool to hear music stripped down to the core. Tim McGraw just shared a video on his Facebook page capturing that very moment when a jam session becomes it's own special rendition.

In the video, McGraw sings he latest single "How I'll Always Be" with Chris Janson. The collaboration makes sense, since Janson, you know, wrote the tune (along with Jeremy Stover and Jamie Paulin).

McGraw's band goes bare-bones on the tune, too. Guitars, accordion, shaker, mandolin, brushes on a box and awesome harmonies.  Just...listen.

McGraw and Janson each obviously hold their own in the heavily reverberating hall. But when those background harmonies come in, the whole thing really pops.

Maybe those fellas should think about getting in that hallway with a nice mic and a computer? Or maybe it'll just have to stay in the moment, as they captured it.

Janson and Tim McGraw goes back before this tune, though. McGraw also sang the much-maligned "Truck Yeah," a Janson-penned tune, in 2013. Thankfully this one is a lot better than that. Even if it takes a dig at "that trendy crap," which, let's be honest. Have you heard "Truck Yeah"?

Don't bother. Just listen to this version of "How I'll Always Be" again. And watch as it climbs the country radio charts, currently sitting at No. 6.

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Watch Tim McGraw, Chris Janson Sing 'How I'll Always Be' Backstage