Watch This Unaired SNL Skit Featuring Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves recently knocked it out of the park as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. But now fans can see an unaired skit in which Musgraves lends her talents to a slightly, *ahem*, different style of music.

In the clip dubbed "Spirituality Rap," SNL's Beck Bennet plays Stav D, a rapper with, well, some addiction issues. Kyle Mooney plays the very unhelpful MC Strategy, while that evening's host Amy Schumer plays an angel.

And then there's Kacey Musgraves, who appears as a pseudo-gothic choir girl singing the hook. Which is, appropriately, all in Latin. The bit pretends the fake song, called "Song For The Angels," is getting its MTV Hungary world premiere.

Complete with outdated celebrity references and a 1980s drum machine beat, "Song For The Angels" is obviously a hit. Watch the video below.;v=riaA0GW9jeI

SNL ultimately cut the skit for time. But it was still pretty fun to see Musgraves in what could only be described as an Eastern European crow-themed outfit passionately singing Latin from the church rafters.

Musgraves appeared on the May 12 episode of Saturday Night Live, alongside host Amy Schumer. She also performed "Slow Burn" and "High Horse" on the show.

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Musgraves recently released her critically acclaimed album Golden Hour. After SNL, she traveled to Japan for performances. She'll also launch a tour in support of the album beginning in early June.

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