Watch This Conway Twitty Cover Of 50 Cent's In Da Club And Tell Us It's Not The Best Thing You Heard Today
Photos By Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia and David Redfern/Redferns

Watch This Conway Twitty Cover Of 50 Cent's "In Da Club" And Tell Us It's Not The Best Thing You Heard Today

50 Cent is a man you don't want to trifle with. He's "comic book villain" levels of spiteful when striking back at his detractors. (Sadly, it's always profoundly entertaining to watch. He's creative in that way.) His artistic inclinations don't stop at being delightfully petty, however! 50 Cent already achieved what he wanted within the world of rap. So, the Grammy winner decided, "Why not take over another genre?" He even teamed up with Conway Twitty to give us a teaser into what his next musical endeavor could sound like!

Folks, I give you... "Conway Fitty."

This is how A.I. should be utilized. For hahas and memes. The most insane (and scary, honestly) thing about this is how genuinely great it sounds. I've complained in the recent past about if Post Malone counts as "country," but I 110% would endorse a 50 Cent album that's just his greatest hits, but "country-fied." I want it, and I'm not the only one.

50 Cent Fuses With Conway Twitty To Drop An A.I.-Generated Country Version Of 'In Da Club' And I Love It

Yes. Give me wistful 50 Cent as a legitimate country album cover. Beyoncé did her thing with Cowboy Carter, but I'd be so much more excited for this.

"As a huge Conway twitty fan 50 cent you nailed this this is epic and hilarious lol!!" one sensible X user exclaims. As it should be. 

You know what? I sincerely doubt 50 Cent will ever come up for this publication again. I want to give y'all a little bonus with a truncated story of 50 Cent's infamous pettiness. (Please click that link and get a snack or two. 50's a crazy dude.)

Here's 50 Cent in a nutshell. This man has been "feuding" with Ja Rule since 1999 in what is, largely, a one-sided affair — even back then. Ja Rule even publicly conceded 50 Cent to be the winner of their years-long conflict at the debatable peak of Ja's career. Which, in rap, is unheard of!

50 Cent won. Decisively. Could've left his rival alone forever. You know what this fiend did in 2018? Bought all of the front-row tickets at one of Ja's shows so that it looked like nobody attended it in photos. That's a man you simply don't go to war with.