Watch This Blind Singer Live Out Her Dreams By Performing At The Grand Ole Opry
Photo By Instagram/sarahhardwigofficial

Watch This Blind Singer Live Out Her Dreams By Performing At The Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry, in some circles, is considered a country music Mecca. Many musicians would commit serious crimes to perform at the venue! Sarah Hardwig, this article's intrepid protagonist, got to do exactly that! Hardwig is a blind country singer-songwriter, hailing from Nashville. Despite her Leber's Congenital Amaurosis diagnosis, Hardwig went on to hone her craft and make a legitimate career for herself. Naturally, when she got the news she was performing at the Grand Ole Opry, she was beside herself!

"Sarah is a blind singer chasing her dream of becoming a successful musician! In part 1 Sarah told us her dream! And now!!!! [at]sarahhardwigofficial got to have an exclusive private performance at the [at]opry!!!!!!

"She had no idea but we had her sing the national anthem at the [at]markevansdm deal maker experience and after the national anthem we surprised Sarah with the dream that she will be performing at her own private show at the grand ole Opry!"

She posted a few clips of the performance on her Instagram page, receiving nothing but endless support and rightful praise.

"Holy cow Sarah. Amazing news. So happy for you. I remember back in 2016 you and your folks would come into WannaBs on Broadway as I was finishing my set. You would tear up the karaoke. You've come a long way kiddo. Congrats!" one Instagram user said. Hardwig is a prolific singer of the National Anthem, having performed it over 250 times. (Including venues such as the Nissan Stadium at the 2022 Music City Bowl.)

Sarah Hardwig, A Blind Country Singer, Got To Live Her Dreams At The Grand Ole Opry

"Oh my goodness, Sarah!! I remember the first time we met was backstage at the opry after Chris Young played. This genuinely is so well deserved and I'm in tears. CONGRATULATIONS!" another user states. From a duet with her musical idol, Steven Tyler, all the way to the Grand Ole Opry, Hardwig proved her musical credentials time and again.

It's a feel-good story everyone should be able to get behind. It just goes to show that your dreams are valid regardless of your life circumstances. If you have that creative fire, feed it!