See the Trailer For Kris Kristofferson and Trace Adkins’ New Film ‘Traded’

Country fans and film lovers alike should get excited for Kris Kristofferson and Trace Adkins upcoming action film. Traded, set for release in select cities on June 10th, is a old-school style Western set in 1883 Kansas.

Directed by Timothy Woodward Jr, Kristofferson and Adkins star as supporting characters alongside Michael Paré. Paré plays a sharpshooter-turned-rancher named Clay who’s son tragically dies and his daughter is kidnapped by an old enemy. He then sets off on a journey to find his daughter, where his former reputation as the fastest draw in the west may come in handy.

Along his way, he comes across the ruthless Ty Stover (Adkins) and Billy the barkeep (Kristofferson) who becomes a companion of sorts.

The trailer looks visually stunning and quite intense with lots of gun-fire, a duel, some fist-fighting, train-hopping and several witty lines delivered by Kristofferson.

Also appearing in the movie are Tom Sizemore, Martin Cove, Brittany Elizabeth Williams and Kristofferson’s daughter, Kelly Kristofferson, who plays a character named Claire.

“The highlight, obviously, for myself and the entire cast and crew was to watch a true legend, Kris Kristofferson, ply his trade in the same boots he wore in one of his first starring roles in Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid,” Woodward Jr. tells The Boot of making the film.

You can catch Traded on June 10th at select theaters in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Houston, Phoenix, Denver and Kansas City. It will also be available to stream on demand and digital HD in the coming weeks.

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