Billy Cyrus Plays Deadbeat Singer in CMT Comedy ‘Still The King’

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Country Music Television (CMT) just released a new promo trailer for its upcoming series, Still the King, featuring country music's own Billy Ray Cyrus.

Still the King follows Vernon Brown (Cyrus) -- a "scandal-ridden, washed-up, one-hit-wonder" who, by chance, turns into an Elvis impersonator.

In the beginning of the newly released promotional trailer, Cyrus is sporting a sweet mullet that's a less-dramatic version of his '90s hair. He gets arrested and is put on probation after his release. When his probation officer tells him he needs to get a job to pay all of the child support he owes, Vernon Brown responds curiously -- "Say What?"

Vernon was unaware he'd fathered a kid with his former flame Debbie (played by Joey Lauren Adams of Dazed and Confused and Chasing Amy fame). His daughter, Charlotte, is played by the lovely Madison Iseman. The trailer previews the trio awkwardly interacting and enjoying a few laughs

The trailer's voice-over describes the show as a comedy "about doing all the wrong things, for all the right reasons". Yes, the series is intended to be a comedic drama, but the trailer makes it apparent that the overarching theme will be the growth and maturation of Vernon Brown as he learns to be a father his daughter can look up to. We suspect there will be plenty of heart-warming and relatable scenes over the course of the first season.

The show is set to premiere June 12th on CMT. Check out the promo for a preview of the hilarity in store for Cyrus and Still the King.

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Billy Cyrus Plays Deadbeat Singer in CMT Comedy ‘Still The King’