WATCH: Seaplane Crashes into Passenger Boat in Vancouver
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

WATCH: Seaplane Crashes into Passenger Boats in Vancouver

Disaster ensues when a seaplane crashes into two passenger boats in Vancouver's Coal Harbor. Take a look below at the catastrophic crash through several angles.

As a result, CBC News reports several people are injured from the crash. Fortunately, a spokesperson for the seaplane company Harbour Air report everyone on board is safe and uninjured. On the other hand, this isn't the case for those on the passenger boats. Thankfully, all of the parties involved have been taken to the hospital accordingly.

People React to Boat Crash

An Australian tourist caught a direct look at the incident and recalls what happened. Seemingly, he tells CBC News it looked like it was about to take off. ""We saw two speedboats in front of it and I am not sure if it hit the speedboat or not," he says. "But it sort of jumped in the air and did a nosedive over the top of the speedboats."

X users are in disarray over the video. Some people blame the pilot for not being able to course correct properly. "All rules and laws aside (cause I know nothing about this), it looks like it's the plane's fault," one person expresses. "Plane's heading straight for the boat that's perpendicular to them. If these were cars it would be the plane-car's fault."

However, there are much more people inclined to pin the issue of those in the passenger boats. Let them call it, you should be well informed of rules and regulations so you don't block seaplanes from landing safely. Otherwise, you end up in disaster situations like this. One X user explains the rules of the sea succinctly and why it's negligent of those on the boats. "The seaplane always has the right of way, and seaplane landing and takeoff areas are marked by buoys and marked on maps," they say.