Watch Sarah Shook Hat Tip the Hag With 'The Bottle Never Lets Me Down'

Sarah Shook and the Disarmers' album Years will be a sleeper pick on a lot of mid-year country and Americana lists, based partly on breakup song and drinking anthem combo "The Bottle Never Lets Me Down."

As the title implies, Shook sings of someone so broken from a bad relationship that they only find solace in downing drinks. There's equal parts self-defeat and sass (I'm a drunk? Tell me something I didn't know!) in this clear nod to Merle Haggard's legendary song "The Bottle Let Me Down." This, of course, comes from a group that's way more Hag-like than the riff-lifting Keith Urban.

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The video itself mostly shows the band in action, teasing the energy and passion the Disarmers pour into live sets. Throughout the video, a spinning bottle seems to represent either the random risks of self-medicating or the flippant love life decisions that make drinking to forget seem necessary.

In all, it's a quintessential sad country song -- the type that'll make you feel a singer's pain or appreciate relationship stability, depending on your current situation.

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Watch Sarah Shook Hat Tip the Hag With 'The Bottle Never Lets Me Down'