Watch These San Antonio Cops Show Off Their Dance Skills

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The "New Running Man Challenge" is sweeping the nation, and San Antonio's finest have raised the bar for the new viral video phenomenon.

Answering last week's call from the San Antonio Fire Department, the San Antonio Police Department put together a full short-length skit featuring tacos, the Alamo, a Michael Jackson impersonator and mariachis, among other fun moments and surprises.

The dance was started by two kids in school. When a couple of Maryland basketball players saw it, they decided to make their own video of the dance, and soon it quickly grew. Before long, NFL players, MLB baseball teams and other celebrities were posting videos of the dance.

But up until this point, few have put in the amount of effort laid down by the San Antonio Police Department.

Granted, not all dancing cops were created equal. A few of the officers clearly have more moves in their back pocket than their colleagues. And yes, they definitely go off book from the original Running Man dance, but darn it if they didn't get creative.

The song that accompanies all of the videos is "My Boo" by Ghost Town DJ's. It was a minor hit when it was released in 1996, hitting No. 31 on the charts. Thanks to the popularity of the New Running Man Challenge, this song actually hit the chart again, this time peaking at No. 10.

As for the SAPD, well, there's a reason none of them went into acting or choreography. But darn it if they didn't give it their all -- oh, and they called out Austin, Texas and Charles Barkley too (a reference to Barkley famously hating on San Antonio during the NBA Finals a few years ago). The ball is in your court, Austin and Barkley.

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Watch These San Antonio Cops Show Off Their Dance Skills